What Foods Cause Yellow Teeth?

woman smiles showing white teethA perfect set of white teeth might be just what you need to dazzle everyone with your smile. Research has shown that having a good smile tends to let people have an excellent first impression of you. Having a beautiful smile can also go a long way in helping you boost your confidence.

The enamel is the topmost layer of the teeth, ensuring that our teeth remain shiny and white. Underneath it is the dentin, which tends to be less white. The goal of having white teeth is to ensure that your teeth’s enamel is well taken care of and not corrupted.

With that being said, it can be hard to maintain a dazzling set of white teeth. This is because our teeth easily stain, especially after a meal. With the wide variety of food we ingest daily, it can be hard to track what kind of food is staining your teeth. Read on to find out what foods can cause your teeth to stain.

A favorite beverage among many, tea contains a plant compound called tannins, which causes your teeth to stain. Different types of tea cause your teeth to stain differently, with black tea giving your teeth a yellowish stain and green tea giving your teeth a greyish stain. Adding milk to your tea tends to help with reducing the discoloration effect on your teeth.

Enjoyed for the quick start it gives, coffee is a favorite for those who love to stay alert throughout the day. Just like tea, coffee also contains tanning. It has an acidic nature that leaves the pH in your mouth unbalanced, making it easy for other foods to discolor your teeth.

Other than having high levels of sugar, they tend to be carbonated. Their dark colors plus the drinks’ acids make them discolor your teeth, making your teeth turn yellow and leading to tooth decay. You can drink using a straw to reduce the contact between the sodas and the teeth to help with this.

Red wine
Red wines tend to contain the same type of tannins found in tea and coffee. The color pigment in the wine tends to discolor the teeth easily. It’s acidic effect also makes it easy for other foods to discolor the teeth.

White wine
Unlike red wine, white wine does not cause any color discoloration on your teeth. However, its acidic nature erodes the enamel, which increases the chances of developing cavities and teeth discoloration.

Candy and Sweets
The sugar found in sweets tends to coat the teeth, creating a breeding ground for plaque. This normally has a yellowish color, but if left for long periods, it turns orange. The tooth decay that can occur due to bacteria also causes your teeth to discolor.

Loved for its savory taste, curry contains turmeric, which gives it its rich color. Turmeric tends to stain the teeth, leaving behind a yellowish stain on your teeth. It is best to have your favorite curry once in a while, for the sake of your teeth.

Beetroot is known for its rich vitamins and minerals and is used for its medicinal properties. Its dark red color, however, has a staining effect on both your garments and your teeth. After a meal with beets, it is advisable to rinse your mouth with water. Else the red pigment will stick to your enamel.

Tomato sauce
Loved for its flavor, it acts as a common accompaniment for a variety of meals. Unfortunately, the pigment that gives the tomatoes their dark red color tends to leave a yellow stain on your teeth. The sauce also creates an acidic environment in your mouth, making it easy for the teeth to stain.

Soy sauce
This is usually a favorite when preparing meals since it gives it that rich flavor. However, it is important to know that its dark coloring may leave a stain on your teeth long after the meal is over. The ingredients used to make the commercially available soy sauce are also not good for your white teeth.

Balsamic vinegar
This tends to make a tasty salad dressing. However, it is important to understand that its dark color and acidic properties tend to leave your teeth stained after the meal.

Acidic fruits
Regular consumption of fruits like oranges might contribute to your enamel’s deterioration due to their acidic nature. This contributes to both making your teeth sensitive and causing them to stain easily.

Darker colored fruits
Fruits such as blueberries and blackberries tend to have high antioxidant values. Since they are richly pigmented, their color tends to stick easily on the enamel. They have a high staining effect on your teeth in the same way.

Taking care of your teeth
It is important to understand that other factors such as smoking or chewing tobacco can also bring about discoloration on your teeth. Poor oral hygiene also plays a role. If you are worried about your teeth’ discoloration, it is important to schedule an appointment with your dentist.

To help in reducing the coloring of your teeth from these drinks and foods, it is advisable to :

  • Consume foods rich in calcium to help in making your teeth enamel stronger
  • Indulge in consuming whitening foods such as carrots or apples
  • Reduce the intake of these foods and drinks
  • Rinse your mouth with water after every meal
  • Brush your teeth twice daily, and don’t forget to brush your tongue too

When taking drinks and colored foods ensure you brush your teeth afterwards, this will help reduce the effects of the food coloring on your teeth. If taking a drink such as a soda, make use of a straw, this will help in minimizing the contact of the drink with the teeth. Have regular meetings with your dentist and schedule teeth cleaning after every six months.